"Killing Kittens is a story of unlikely, yet lasting friendships; of loss and love and the need for emotional and physical human interaction. A lonely gay man, who suffers from a borderline personality disorder; his best friend, who truly loves him and the hustler from upstairs in need of an escape from an abusive relationship come together on an unforgettable and touching New Year's Eve. At its' core, Killing Kittens is a play about abuse; about people who abuse themselves; about people who abuse others; and about people who allow themselves to be abused.”

Killing Kittens requires a cast of three (2M,1F) and takes place on a single unit set.​​

                                                                                                               Note: The play contains strong adult content.​

    Cast of Characters

ARCHER - Archer is a sweet, charming, attractive, gay man in his late thirties or early forties, who suffers from a borderline personality disorder. He is intelligent and a little on the reserved side. Although he does his best to suppress it, there is an air of sadness about him.

AILEEN - Aileen is Archer’s best friend. She is boisterous, outgoing and speaks with a slight southern accent.

JOSHUA - Joshua Robinson (J.R.) is Archer’s uninhibited, good looking, upstairs neighbor. He is in his twenties and has an incredible body. Although he has been “Around the block,” he still manages to maintain a sweet, gentle disposition.

RADIO DISC JOCKEY, TIM and BRIAN – Off Stage Voices Can be pre-recorded or double cast.

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As part of Pride Week 2015,  KILLING KITTENS was be given a staged reading by The La Strada Ensemble Theatre in New Jersey.
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